After The Mat Season 2 Ep. 1: Nikki Krause

After The Mat Season 2 Episode 1: Nikki Krause and Overcoming Cancer

Nikki in Dancer's Pose

Nikki in Dancer's Pose

Cancer affects everyone is does not discriminate
— Nikki Krause

We all know about the "things" you're not supposed to do that could and most likely will get you sick. You know you're not supposed to smoke cigarettes, binge drink alcohol, or eat fast food everyday. So if you are someone that partakes in those activities regularly, you know you're at a much greater risk of becoming ill than someone let's say who doesn't smoke, barely drinks, and eats a vegan diet. 

For those of you that have met San Diego yoga teacher Nikki Krause, you know that she's got the sweetest and most enthusiastic spirit. Nikki is always interested in what you've got going on, and genuinely loves teaching yoga. Nikki's lifestyle as an advanced yogi, runner, vegan, and health advocate left the San Diego yoga community baffled when she became diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer.

In the latest episode of "After The Mat" we learn how this happened to Nikki, the love she received from her family and friends, what she learned during her time away from her mat, and what she learned when she returned. As always, Nikki shares her answer to the consistent question of the show: "How do you live your yoga off the mat and what does that mean to you?"