Shifting Perspective




Remember that meltdown I was having last week? Well what a difference a week can make! Between this week and last, they were for the most part, pretty identical. I went to work, I went to yoga, I taught a couple classes, and spent time with loved ones.

The difference? My outlook.

I discovered the power of shifting my perspective, and it's my hope to remember this power when times of struggle come up in the future.

So how was I able to make the shift? I overheard a fellow yoga instructor talking to someone about a tragedy that happened in her family years ago that they were still dealing with to this day. That tragedy- was far worse than any issue I was dealing with. At the end of her story, she said "it could be worse." Those four words had stopped me in my tracks, and literally changed my thinking. 

It could be worse. 

Once my mind shifted, here are a few things I chose to focus on throughout my days that may work for you too, should you need the push!

1. Back to Basics

I stopped taking life so seriously and came back to the present moment! I found appreciation and gratitude for the little things of the day. For example, waking up to another day, having a job that pays the bills, a car to get me where I need to go, and another beautiful shining sun in San Diego! (Growing up in New England, you'd think gratitude for the sun would be a no-brainer. I guess I forgot about that one in my adult years in SoCal!)

2. Gratitude

I know for myself, I do need the constant reminder. For some, gratitude might be a trite concept and more power to you if you don't need the reminder. If you do, when you wake up, think of 5 things you are instantly grateful for, maybe something so small that you tend to take it for granted! Having trouble? Look above, go back to the basics. 

3. Perspective

Ever watch the news? Especially world news? You may already know that you have it better than MANY humans that share our planet earth. It's too easy to get caught up in first world problems. I know I'm guilty! Think to yourself, it could be so much worse!


Speaking of gratitude, I know I'm grateful that I overheard that story of a fellow yoga teacher's family tragedy. It helped me to figure out how to change my perspective and my sour attitude. It would've been a shame to endure another week of unhappiness and wasting our most precious resource, time.

Til next time, Namaste yogis!

xoxo Sarah